I created BareMetal VHD Loader to Auto load VHD's in Windows. I was not able to find any software out there so this was made by me. I decided that since no one else had it that I would share it with the World. It was fun to build and I will continue to build it.  Soon there will be more content to this site then there is like a forum for people. FAQs builds Ect.  This also works in VPC and I am sure it should work in VMware as well but I have not tested it and don't see a reason to use it in either of those.

The program is able to be downloaded for free!

If you have and feedback or something that you think can be added  you can prKendall Bennettovide please feel free to email me @ ( kendall @bmvhdloader.com) Thank you to everyone that has provided feedback to make this software what it is and will be. 



Kendall Bennett

New touch friendly GUi for Win tablets

BMVHD Loader

BHVHD Version 2.5.4 Released